InnerLight Solutions


InnerLight Solutions, LLC (ILS) is a consulting firm dedicated to assisting organizations and individuals with making the changes required to succeed personally and professionally. Our consultants are “Change Agents” with the skills and expertise to:

•    Assist management professionals in designing satisfying careers in the context of rapid change, global forces, and fluid organizational structures.

•    Assist organizations and institutions in cultivating environments that support members’ personal growth, inclusion and cooperative/collaborative processes.

•    Assist teams and groups with building/forming alliances and maintaining cooperative work environments and relationships.

•    Assist individuals with identifying and reaching personal and professional goals.

We Work with Individuals and Groups

Stability in any environment comes from being anchored by a clear vision and purpose and being engaged in authentic expressions of who we are. Our clients learn, using our tools and materials, to link the inner world of their purpose with the outer world where they express themselves professionally and personally. InnerLight Solutions draws upon professionals who share a commitment to evoking human excellence and exceptional professional performance.

We Work with Organizations & Institutions

InnerLight Solutions is a leadership development company. Our consultants share a commitment to delivering methodologies designed to assist executives in honing their leadership skills for maximum impact. We work with teams to help build organizational environments that promote: 1) a holistic, systemic approach to personal and professional achievement; 2) substantive meaning through aligning the individual with the organization, and 3) passionate engagement by establishing a compelling and sustainable future for the organization. This proven approach produces self-motivation and shared accountability, leading to success.

We work with organizations during the re-definition process—organizations going through change or in the process of re-evaluating their mission.  This includes mergers; downsizing situations; and management, team, and personnel conflicts. Often, organizations need change solutions after changes have been affected; additionally, we encourage implementation of change and resolution measures for individuals and groups, and organizational transformation to ensure a successful process for the company, team or employees.

Our Approach – SMART Goals!

Developing positive relationships is at the center of ILS’s mission. Our approach is to provide single-source resolutions based on a multi-disciplinary methodology. We design the solution to address specific needs and provide cost-effective results that match those needs, after which time we evaluate and measure how our clients have met their SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely) goals.

Kelley Alexander, MSCM, has extensive experience consulting with corporations and working with individuals in a multitude of settings. She has the unique combination of qualifications necessary to help you meet goals and work with you across disciplines and in your own environment. With over 20 years of personnel and project management experience, Kelley has been managing and coaching employees and resolving conflicts using proven resolution and change management techniques. She is a Certified Mediator, professional facilitator and holds a Master’s Degree in Conflict Management.  

Veta Goler, PhD, has over 20 years of teaching and administrative experience. Formerly Chair of the Department of Drama and Dance at Spelman College, she is now the institution’s Division Coordinator for Arts and Humanities. Her research and teaching interests include the intersection of dance and spirituality in popular culture and the incorporation of contemplative practices in education and the workplace for holistic learning. She loves facilitating inner exploration and helping teams to envisions and meet performance goals.


About Us

We are in the business of Building Inclusive Environments and Successful Relationships!