InnerLight Solutions

When the information and documentation that your employees and customers need to perform is disorganized, outdated and/or distributed unpredictably, performance and efficiency suffer tremendously. InnerLight Solutions can assist you in identifying the specific target audience that you need to serve and exactly what their learning and information needs are. The resulting information architecture then serves as the blueprint for subsequent content development and documentation efforts and ensures that performance needs are met and resources are properly dedicated.

We assist organizations with developing standards-aligned and customized curricula, training manuals, or modules for business or education clients based on content specification and delivery requirements. Specific services include:

  1. Program Design & Documentation - Our consultants can help you shape your program functionality based on known competencies and stated performance and business requirements, as well as plan an appropriate curriculum based on those needs.

  2. Training Materials & Documentation - We develop reference materials, participant guides, instructor guides, job-aids and other documents to support training.

  3. Website Design/Redesign/Information Architecture - In the context of creating a website, we translate business objectives into a well-defined navigational structure whose flow and visual foundation draw their strength from how well the website communicates those objectives to its target audience.

  4. Web Content - We develop content for print publishing using industry standard tools such Word, Visio and Acrobat.

  5. System/Technical Documentation - We develop technical manuals, user guides, and operating instructions for hardware, software and consumer products.

  6. Corporate Standards & Guidelines - We develop policy, procedure and process documentation in support of products, systems, services and operations.

  7. Editing - We can work with you on your manuscript, documents, website or any other content to prepare the materials for publication.


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