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Focus Group Facilitation


In addition to meeting facilitation, InnerLight Solutions offers focus group facilitation.

Focus groups are exploratory sessions that generally consist of between six and nine participants. Participants are pre-screened to ensure that they represent a specific target audience based on demographics, behaviors, attitudes, lifestyle or occupation.

Our InnerLight Solutions moderators/facilitators work closely with our clients to develop insightful, results-oriented focus groups that help clients make strategic decisions. We can develop specific focus group questions that achieve the client’s desired outcomes.

The focus group facilitator is clearly the most critical factor influencing the effectiveness and usefulness of focus groups. Our facilitators conduct the whole session and guide the flow of group discussion across the specific topics selected. We have experience in handling small groups with enthusiasm, energy and open-mindedness.


Some important factors that we consider when conducting focus groups are:


  1. Maintaining clarity about the nature and purpose of the focus group

  2. Preparing well, so that the topics and issues are understood before the focus group begins

  3. Establishing rapport with the group

  4. Achieving a good balance between encouraging lively discussion and maintaining a focus on the topics to be discussed

  5. Staying alert to group dynamics to recognize threats to productive group discussion

  6. Managing group dynamics so that discussion flows smoothly and people feel comfortable sharing their thoughts

  7. Staying open-minded so that preconceptions about the topic and the participants are minimized

  8. Preparing a report that accurately captures the responses of the group (may include providing transcripts or audio recordings of the focus group)

  9. Maintaining confidentiality 

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