InnerLight Solutions

InnerLight Solutions offers workshops designed for colleges/universities and organizations to help improve communication between groups, teams, and departments and to assist participants with navigating different organizational cultures.  Additionally, we design and facilitate meetings between groups to help ensure meeting productivity.

Our cornerstone workshop, BridgesTM, is geared toward groups seeking to “bridge” gaps by assisting participants with understanding how to communicate effectively and resolve issues.  This workshop provides an understanding of the concepts of cultural diversity and assists participants with learning how to talk about underlying issues that shape personal identity development and belief systems.  The workshop is designed for:

  1. Faculty

  2. Staff

  3. Administrators

  4. Board members

  5. Student and other groups

  6. Organizational teams

  7. Senior/middle management


BridgesTM is designed to spark thought and engage participants in conversations about improving communication in a safe and encouraging environment.

BridgesTM I (2 Hours)

BridgesTM II (1 Day)

BridgesTM III (3 Days)

Each of the three BridgesTM workshops follows a similar format and shares some of the same objectives and outcomes, but each workshop addresses specific outcomes, objectives and areas of diversity that are geared to actively engage participants in experiential learning via team-building exercises and guided visualizations and dialogue. The workshops build upon levels of understanding about communication, conflict, and diversity, with the goal of equipping participants with tools to make working in dynamic and increasingly more diverse group environments easier and more productive.

Other workshops include:

Instant Sabbaticals

The important work of educating young minds places intense, multi-faceted demands on teachers and administrators alike. These demands leave little time for the rejuvenation essential for being effective in the fast-paced academic life. Instant Sabbaticals is an introductory, 90-minute workshop for faculty and staff at colleges, universities, and K-12 institutions that will provide realistic tools for creating revitalizing spaces in busy days. Corporate and nonprofit personnel will benefit also.

Dinner & Dialogue Series

Team building and communication facilitation are two very important efforts a business can make to increase its productivity. Often, informal settings can remove barriers to communication and help foster a sense of connectedness among co-workers. In the Dinner & Dialogue Series, people who work together will gather for a series of dinners with facilitated conversations that are designed to improve their communication and help them to interact as a team.

Diversity Workshops and Retreats

One of the hallmarks of the 21st Century is our globalized world. The ability to live with and embrace diversity is critical in businesses and academic institutions. Our Diversity Workshops and Retreats can be designed as daylong, two-day or three-day events in which participants explore issues of diversity and difference. Components may include such exercises as "Where I'm
From" (to facilitate dialogue), the Privilege Walk (to understand the impact of difference), and the Courage Walk (to facilitate trust across differences).

Courage Workshops and Retreats

Our two-hour to three-day Courage Workshops and Retreats are based on the work of education innovator Parker J. Palmer. Offered in academic as well as nonprofit or business settings, these programs are designed to help people connect with their inner passion and creativity to strengthen their work in the world—so that they can live undivided lives.

The Courage series can be profession-specific or may include individuals from a variety of professions. For deeper work, we can offer a five- or eight-retreat series.

Creativity and Mindfulness Workshops

In our busy world, we so often lose track of that creative spark that adds interest to our lives. In our half-day Creativity and Mindfulness Workshops, we employ various mindfulness practices, such as contemplation, journaling and meditation, to learn to be in the present moment. From that place, participants can tap into their creativity and more effectively express it—through their work and in their daily lives.