What is Coaching?

This is an exciting yet challenging time in the world, with many changes happening now or on the horizon. “Change” seems to be happening everywhere, and many people are seeing the need for transformation in their personal and professional lives. These changes can be facilitated with the help of a skillful coach.

Coaching is the art and practice of inspiring, energizing and facilitating a person’s performance, learning and development. Through coaching, you can:

  1. Clearly define your goals and dreams.

  2. Overcome obstacles and limitations that stand between you and your success.

  3. Get you into action to start to create the results you are seeking.

Coaching is the perfect partnership between coach and client. We believe that there is no magic in the achievement of goals. Instead, the intention with which we set goals sets the stage for the fulfillment of those goals.

We combine ideas from the fields of finance, psychology, business management, systems theory, management consulting, change management and philosophy, with some creative ideas and exercises mixed in.

Because each person is different, after an initial assessment, we tailor the program and working relationship to the needs of the individual, designing specific tools to facilitate goal achievement for the client. Designed to promote your personal and professional achievement, coaching facilitates self-awareness, the development of success-producing actions, and proactive living.

Coaching helps you to…

  1. Accelerate your personal and professional development.

  2. Define what success means to you.

  3. Identify and integrate your core operating values.

  4. Establish short- and long-term professional goals.

  5. Evaluate your skills for personal and organizational success.

  6. Generate strategies that support success in your current environment.

  7. Build self-awareness and your ability to influence and lead effectively.

  8. Increase your capacity to cope, learn, and manage change.

  9. Achieve and sustain extraordinary performance.

  10. Establish balance between work and home.

  11. Maintain a career portfolio of marketable skills, abilities, and knowledge.

  12. Design a compelling future.

  13. Develop and implement a step-by-step action plan to achieve your professional goals.

A coach is NOT…

  1. A Friend – Friends are great, but they have different agendas and skills than professional coaches. As your coach, we don’t have to worry about offending you by challenging you to the fullest.

  2. A Therapist – Therapists are great, but a professional coach does not deal with relationship issues, analyze your past, or deal with mental health issues such as depression.

  3. A Crutch – We emphasize a time-limited relationship and do not support coaching as a form of ongoing and indefinite dependency.

A good coach…

  1. Listens and skillfully helps you identify and refine your goals.
  2. Helps you set goals that are SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely).

  3. Helps you identify and define priorities and values.

  4. Helps you identify and remove personal obstacles.

  5. Helps you set both short- and long-term goals.

  6. Helps you stay focused.

  7. Introduces you to new ways of thinking.

  8. Helps you identify your strengths and teaches you how to capitalize on them.

  9. Helps you identify your weaknesses and teaches you how to minimize them.

  10. Brainstorms with you.

  11. Helps you identify resources with which to explore your ideas.

  12. Provides encouragement and support.

  13. Provides you with valuable feedback.

  14. Helps you evaluate and celebrate your successes.