Meet Kelley and Lana

Kelley Alexander
Dr. Kelley Alexander

Kelley Alexander has extensive experience consulting with corporations and working with individuals in a multitude of settings. She has the unique combination of qualifications necessary to help you meet goals and work with you across disciplines and in your own environment. With over 20 years of personnel and project management experience, Kelley has been managing and coaching employees and resolving conflicts using proven resolution and change management techniques. She is a Certified Mediator, professional facilitator and holds a Master’s Degree in Conflict Management.

Lana Williams
Lana Williams

Lana Williams is a Financial Coach and has over 25 years of banking and finance experience. Positions she’s held include Regional Sales Manager, Banking Industry Consultant and Financial Advisor. Lana has worked with those ranging from college students to small business owners, athletes and CEOs; and says the number one thing she hears consistently is “no one ever taught me how to manage my money”. It is her passion to help clients improve their “financial acumen.” Lana’s experience at managing sales performance and training financial teams on how to expertly sell financial products; makes her uniquely skilled at showing her clients what to focus on and pay attention to as they make financial decisions for themselves and their families.  Lana has a B.S. in Economics.